"Dear John, once again thank-you for performing at Erica's birthday party yesterday. The kids loved you and couldn't stop talking about Superfrog and the White rabbit. You have a phenomenal talent for making everyone feel good. Sheldon and I appreciate it immensely. The grownups, (my brother, Shari and Perry) still don't know how you tore the newspaper and restored it. God Bless you! Erica says
"You da best!" "

        -Barbara K, St-Laurent, QC
"Thanks to John Martin, our halloween magic party was a huge success. John Martin had a room full of hyper, post-trick or treat, children mesmerized. Many parents asked for business cards / contacts. I recommend this performer highly - for any event, kids or adults."

         -Sonia M, Montreal, QC
Clearpoint Elementary
Neal had a great time at Trevor's party! Thank you again. He kept going on and on about the Magician -- he was totally fascinated.

  Note to Karen L.
   Trevor's Mom
"People made their way over to the school for a fundraising Christmas concert featuring many local performers as well as members of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. The concert was hosted by John Martin, who kept the audience wide-eyed with his magical illusions."

Huntingdon Gleaner
Dec. 16, 2009
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