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John Martin
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John has been entertaining audiences
in the Montreal are for the past 25 years.
His shows have been seen by thousands
of families at Hemmingford's Parc Safari,
fairs and festivals throughout Quebec,
as well as schools and countless
private event around town.

The shows are not only mystifying in an
entertaining way, but humorous and highly
visible. If you're looking for something
different for your next party, look no further,
CALL Montreal Magician John Martin today
before your date DISAPPEARS!!

"Thanks to John Martin,
our halloween magic
party was a huge
success. John Martin
had a room full of
hyper, post-trick
or treat, children
mesmerized. Many
parents asked for
business cards / contacts.
I recommend this
performer highly - for
any event,
kids or adults."

Sonia M, Montreal, QC
"Dear John, once again
thank-you for performing
at Erica's birthday party
yesterday. The kids
loved you and couldn't
stop talking about
Superfrog and the
White rabbit. You
have a phenomenal
for making everyone
feel good.God Bless
you! Erica says
"You da best!"

Barbara K, St-Laurent, QC
"Neal had a great time
at Trevor's party!
Thank you again.
He kept going on
and on about the
Magician --
he was totally

Note to Karen L. (Trevor's Mom)
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